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Highlighting your work and opportunities

This note sets out a variety of ways in which institutions can highlight their work and engage with participants during the Global NDC Conference.


1. Market Place Interactions

The conference includes ‘market place’ interactions during the coffee and lunch breaks. The market place is simply an opportunity for participants to network – to learn about each other’s work and approaches, and progress specific collaborations. The lunch breaks are set at 90 minutes to facilitate this.

To support collaboration, the Global NDC Conference is providing an online space.

Registering your initiative on-line

Any institution or country delegation wishing to share a specific initiative through the on‑line market place is asked to submit a paragraph (maximum of 1000 characters including spaces) which will include:

  • Name and purpose of institution
  • Specific opportunities for participants to engage with (offers for support; country programs to engage with)
  • Hyperlinks to share key documents
  • Contact person, email address, SMS details for use during the conference (so you can arrange when/where to meet).

Please submit your paragraph to Charlie Zajicek (charlie.zajicek@cdkn.org).


2. Table spaces

A (very) limited number of table spaces are available provided on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Table spaces should have a clear goal and will help to, e.g.:

  • implement concrete outreach on specific initiatives related to the conference;
  • test new tools, products and services to sharpen and develop them further based on expressed user needs and feedback; or
  • open-up opportunities for specific collaborations.

Any institution wishing to reserve a table space to enable them to engage with participants on specific initiatives are asked to contact Lucas Woodward (l.woodward@odi.org.uk), enclosing a 1000-character paragraph (as in section 1 above) and a short (1-2 paragraph) case for a table space.

Stipulations for those using table spaces are as follows:

  1. You will make use of the on-line market space to provide links to key documents. We hope you will have no printed documents, or only very few key publications – let’s save on carbon emissions!
  2. Tables will be staffed during breaks throughout the period of the conference so that participants can meet and interact on your institutions’ activities.
  3. Space is very limited, and we are not able to have pop-up booths or banners.
  4. Please let us know if you require access to an electricity point to enable testing of databases, etc. Again, access is limited, and we are confirming with the hotel how many tables will have access to an electrical point.


3. Breakout sessions

Break-out sessions are designed to be interactive. There are 18 different sessions to choose from over the 3 days. Information on each session is available on the conference website. Consider which sessions would be best suited to sharing your experiences and tools; or to exploring challenges to which you are seeking solutions.  You don’t need to be in touch with organisers in advance. Just choose your session and attend on the day. However, if you would like a role as a table moderator for a given session, please let us know. Email: Juliane Nier (juliane.nier@cdkn.org).

There is also an opportunity for you to prepare your own engagement/table discussion during any of the break-out parts of the agenda (a ‘participant-led session’).  This is a space for participants to set up conversations about the topics they find most useful.  Again, email Juliane Nier (juliane.nier@cdkn.org) if this is of interest.


4. Open Session on Day 2

Participant hosted collaboration and idea swap

  • You can propose a discussion topic or interaction.
  • Participants will choose topics they are interested in joining during the session.
  • The conversation starts when it starts and finishes when it finishes. There is no set end time. Dinner is the next thing on the agenda and participants can agree their own timing.

To propose a topic, please email Juliane Nier (juliane.nier@cdkn.org) with a 100-word description of your table session.


5. Regional and Global Cooperation Session on Day 3

Regional Cooperation and Action Planning

  • Countries come together in regional groups, led by LEDS regional platforms and regional teams of the Transparency Partnership
  • Showcasing regional support and cooperation available to countries
  • Capture key ‘take-home’ messages from the conference and what will make the biggest difference when implementing NDCs and LEDS.

Global Cooperation

  • International donors and organisations share the support that is available to countries for taking next action steps.

Consider what support offer you wish to make to these sessions. Your pitch must not be longer than 90 seconds (please practice!). To register an initiative to showcase during these sessions, please email Juliane Nier (juliane.nier@cdkn.org) a 1,000 character paragraph describing your input.